Nagori Gaki

Nagori Gaki
Pickled Radish with Persimmon This is one of our best selling pickles and constitutes our characteristic line of pickled radish with seasonal fruits. Its mild sweetness of persimmon and rice malt is perfect as a refreshing side dish and goes well with Japanese tea.

Yakumi Hacchin Hakusaizuke

Yakumi Hacchin Hakusaizuke
Spicy Chinese Cabbage with 8 SeasoningsThis beautiful and spicy pickles is made carefully by hand. Its color looks like Kimuchi but its taste is very different. The hotness is lighter than kimuchi but the flavor is more versatile. It can be served as a side dish or snack, and it can be used as a seasoning for cooking

Senmai Zuke

Senmai Zuke
Pickles of Thinly Sliced TurnipSenmaizuke is one of the most famous pickles in Japannese winter. It is made from Japanese traditional big turnip which grows to over 2 pounds. The smoothness and richness of pickled turnip is exceptional.


Hana Kyabetsu
Mille-feuille Style Pickles with SalmonThis collorful pickles constist of 23 layers of ingredients. These ingredients, salmon, seaweed, pickled cabbage, pickled turnips and chrysanthemum gets together by the act of rice malt. It can be served as a beautiful apptizer with wine.


Yuzu Hakusai
salt-pickled Chinese cabbage with YuzuThis is one of our long selling winter pickles. We pickle well-grown winter cabbage two times each by hand. Its light taste anrd refreshing flavor is a perfect side dish for any kind of meals.


Atsumi Kabura
Pickles of Wild Red Turnip This wild red turnip has been raised in Yamagata for over 400 years. It is grown on a mountain slope by tradional agricultural method. Its pungent taste and crunchness is very unique.


Bettara Zuke
Japanese Radish Pickled with Molted Rice and SugarThis is a traditional winter pickles in Tokyo. The radish is pickled by sugar and rice malt. Its light sweetness and good crispness is popular among Japanese people.


Ginnan Miso Zuke
Ginko nuts Preserved in Miso Paste Ginko nuts cropped in Aichi and preserved in Miso paste and sweet saka lees takes cheese like flavor. This goes well with sake and wine as an appetizer.

  Variety of Otsukemono