Narazuke is traditional Japanese pickles made from vegetables or fruits. They are pickled in a mixture of both sake lees and mirin (sweet sake) lees. (The lees are the sediment produced during alcohol manufacturing process) They are cured for as long as 3 years in the lees, and as a result, get rich aroma and unique texture developed during the fermentation process.

Our Origin

【 Origin of WAKANA 】Narazuke is one of our representative products. With the special recipe inherited from Tokugetsu-ro, famous restaurant date back to Edo period, we started our business at Ginza as a Narazuke specialty shop.


【 Elaborately hand-made 】Production of narazuke requires much time and efforts. Vegetable ingredients are soaked in the lees, preserved for months and then, transferred to another bulk of lees to improve flavor and texture. We repeat this process for more than 5 times during 3 years of fermentation period until it turns dark brown .

Narazuke for a gift

【 Quality Narazuka as a gift 】 Wakana is proud of our technique and recipe handed down for generations. Shimmering, amber-colored narazuke with exquisite aroma stimulate appetite. As we use carefully-selected sake lees and mirin lees, you can feel pleasant level of sake scent rising. Our quality Narazuke has been chosen as a seasonal special gift for years and years


【 How to savor 】With the classy aroma and crunchy texture, it is best served with fine sake, white wine or aromatic spirits as appetizers. It also goes well with lightly-salted, milky cheese such as mozzarella, ricotta, mascarpone etc. It also pairs well with fresh/dried fruits, apple, persimmon etc.

Tokyo Sirouri

Aouri Narazuke

Tamanegi Shoyuzuke


  Variety of Otsukemono