We call it Miso-Cheese and Sakekasu-Cheese as to show it is not just one type of cheese, but new category of food that is derived from the mixture of two different fermentation culture, Japanese traditional pickling bed and western tradition of cheese.
Miso cheese characteristic of rich taste and Sakekasu-Cheese featuring aromatic flavor. these two are the basic of our preserved cheese. Besides, we have assorment of attractive seasonal flavors for preserved cheese

Miso CheeseMiso Cheese

Miso CheeseFresh cream cheese from Hokkaido is preserved in the special pickling bed which is made of mixture of barley miso and rice miso, malted rice, mirin(sweet sake), sauerkraut. With its rich taste, it can be served as a dipping paste for vegetables.

Sake CheeseSake Cheese

Sakekasu CheeseFresh cream cheese from Hokkaido is preserved in the special pickling bed which made from sake lees, mirin lees and mirin. It matches for fresh fruits such as oranges and grapes.

Sakura CheeseSakura Cheese

Sakura CheeseThis Sake-cheese is topped with cherry blossoms. The aroma of cherry blossoms makes this cheese more elegant. It goes well with Japaese sake and white wine.

Orange CheeseOrange Cheese

Orange CheeseThis Sake-cheese is topped with orange peels and added with orange juice. With its refreshing flavor, it can be served as a refreshing dessert after meal, or can be used as a spread for bread.

Sansho CheeseSansho Cheese

Sansho CheeseThis Miso-cheese is mixed with Japanese Sansho pepper. Its pungent taste may mutche for whisky or red wine.

Rum Raisin CheeseRum Raisin Cheese

Rum Raisin CheeseThis Sake-cheese is mixed with rum raisin. It tastes like sweet rich vanilla cream with the mixed flavor of rum soaked raisins and aromatic sake lees.

Shichimi Cheese

Shichimi CheeseThis Miso-cheese blended with Japansese traditional seasoning Shichimi which is ground mixture of red pepper and aromatic spices. Its piquant flavor goes well with sake, whisky, and grilled vegetables or mushrooms.

Yuzu Cheese

Yuzu CheeseThis Miso-cheese contains aromatic Yuzu peels. Yuzu peel is kind of characteristic seasoning of Japanese winter. So this cheese goes well with seasonal hot food such as hot pot.

Anko CheeseAnko Cheese

Anko CheeseThis Sake-cheese is blended with quality Japanese anko, smooth sweet red bean paste which is made by Kuuya an old‐established Japanese confectionery at Ginza. With its elegant sweetness of anko and rich aroma from sake, it may be served as a savvy dessert.

Olive Cheese

Olive CheeseThis Miso-cheese contains mince of ripped olives. Combining the flavor of olive and miso, it matches perfectly with full bodied red wine.

  Variety of Otsukemono