Tofu misozuke is no ordinary tofu. Its creamy, spreadable characteristics, with complex umami and delicately balanced notes of salty-sweet cheesiness, make it one of the best delicacies of Wakana products.

To achieve these unique flavors and consistency, we preserve rich tofu in a blend of 2 different miso and some other fermented ingredients for more than two weeks. During this period, the tofu undergoes a fascinating transformation. Much like traditional cheesemaking, the process of culturing and preserving yields unique depth of flavor, and the tofu is completely unrecognizable from its previous composition. Although, unlike traditional cheesemaking, the ingredients in tofu misozuke are all derived from plants, making it suitable for vegans. Created with only simple, healthy ingredients and fermented condiments, tofu misozuke can add huge depth of flavour to dishes or be enjoyed on its own as a cheese-like delicacy.

Quality Tofu

【 Specialty TOFU 】The first step for creating tofu misozuke is to create rich, creamy tofu. Through years of trial and error by two monozukuri masters, pickles master and tofu master, the recipe of tofu that perfectly suits for pickling prpcess was developed. It maintains specific umami and sweetness of quality soybeans as well as unique, creamy texture with the secret art of natural tofu crafting.

Pickling Bed

【 Miso pickling bed made of well-balanced natural ingredients 】Wakana's otsukemono is appreciated by its special pickling bed. 2 different types of miso, mirin (sweet sake) and kelt powder. We also make use of Koji (Aspergillus oryzae) and Sauerkraut to add up deeper flavor and umami of fermentation. No animal food products nor chemical food additives are used in the process.

Aging process

【 Aging process to yield savory umami and flavor 】 During 2 weeks of preservation, it develops unique flavor, umami and cheese-like texture. We have 2 types of final products, ZEI tofu has melty texture and mellow flavor. KUN tofu smoked with chips of cherry trees in a finishing process, has distinctive, savory flavor.

【 How to savor 】
Tofu misozuke is best savored between sips of good quality sake or wine,
along with crackers, fresh vegetables or fruits.
It also pairs well with freshly baked bread and is especially delicious with fruit bread.


  Variety of Otsukemono